St Georges, Grenada

Sun 10 Feb 2013 20:15
12:03.00N 61:45.00W
After a night at anchor in Prickly Bay when it seemed strange not to be either rolling around in our bunks or standing watches we weighed anchor, with the inevitable torrential downpour, and headed 10 miles up the coast to St Georges the capital of Grenada.
We treated ourselves to a berth at the rather smart and fairly new Port Louis Marina run by Camper & Nicholson one of the oldest names in yachting. It is a lovely marina and we appreciated all the comforts and conveniences available.
   Petronella chilling - Port Louis
We spent a few days pottering around the boat and exploring St Georges which was full of character. Raymond a well recommended taxi driver took us all on an Island tour. We had a day full of experiences including swimming under waterfalls, a civilised lunch at an old plantation, exploring the mountain roads through the very scenic interior, driving down to Lake Antoine in a flooded volcano crater and beeping at all Raymonds (mainly female friends) everywhere we went!!  However our main form of transport everywhere on the island was the local bus, normally small minibuses which are colourful, noisy and inexpensive but not for the claustrophic for there is always room for one more!  Most buses also have stereo systems and the drivers like to run them, like their buses, at full bore.  Not for the fainthearted either!
Over the weekend there was a local Workboat Regatta and we had an entertaining afternoon on the beach eating Oildown washed down with Carib.  Pete & Geoff also then took the opportunity to meet up with some friends from the UK who base their boat in Carriacou, the next main island north.  They were gone for a few days rejoining us on Petronella before flying back to Australia and UK respectively. Things seemed very quiet aboard after they left. They were a great crew, good seamen, good handymen and great company and we counted ourselves fortunate that they were able to join us.
It was now time to do some planning and we decided that we would reserve a berth ashore for the Hurricane Season that starts in June and finishes at the end of November. This will give us a chance to come home for the Summer and catch up on a few things . We also did a fair bit of chilling out which was great!!