Day 1 to Day3

Mon 31 Dec 2012 20:16
23:41.90N 19:00.78W  (today at 1915)  Todays blog by Geoff
Day 1 Saturday 29th December 2012
Left marina berth Las Palmas 1210 took on fuel and motored around anchorage whilst making final preps for sea.  Headed out at 1415, Kisses and handshakes all round with a few tears from Tina and Martin....this moment has been a long time coming!  Conducted safety acquaints etc whilst under engine then set yankee at dusk. Lovely night with a NE F5-6 and a full moon. 
Day 2 Sunday 30th December
Dawn breaks with us rolling down waves at 6-8knots under yankee alone, reefed at times.Wind ENE 6-7. Great sailing all day, weather not quite warm enough for shorts yet. We got the aqua gen (towed electrical generator) deployed and set up the Monitor self steering to take over from the autopilot and save power. Tina suffering somewhat from sea sickness ,... thanks go out to Charlotte for the remedies in the comprehensive First Aid kit she put together. Weather made preparation of Geoff's pork casserole a challenge but it was a success.  Another fine clear night with a full moon which was directly overhead at one point casting an amazing silver light over the waves.
Day 3 Monday 31st December
Wind ENE 5-6,  Lovely sunrise. Highlight of the day was being surrounded by hundreds of dolphins leaping and playing in the waves. None of us had ever seen so many together.  A few technical Issues today...the HF SSB transceiver seems to be defunct with an audio stage be looked at in Cape Verdes. Luckily  we have the satellite phone so no real problem.  The solenoid on the starter motor for the generator has packed up but it can be started with a screw driver shorting the terminals for the time being.  Tina feeling better today, and all looking forward to a glass of bubbly in a few hours.
Happy New Year to all!