Transatlantic Passage Day 7, Thurs 17 January 2013

Thu 17 Jan 2013 22:52
15:15.23N 37:39.95W
Stowed the headsail poles before dark as we were not sure what the wind might do overnight. In the event we ended up motoring in a calm but could see a thunderstorm in the skies to the north.  Dawn broke to find a flying fish on deck, not enough for breakfast for four so he was thrown back. We re-set the poles and the twin headsails this morning and slowly the trades seem to be re-establishing. 24 hour run was only 110nm so we are hoping for more wind from now on to make up time. Another hazy day with little seen other than plenty of schools (or flocks?) of flying fish. 1420 miles to go so we have done a third of the journey. Each day is a little warmer than the last and sea temperature is now up to 26.3C