Transatlantic Passage Day 6, Wednesday 16 January 2013

Wed 16 Jan 2013 21:58
15:26.59N 35:57.077W
A pin came out of the block on the end of the port spinnaker pole this morning, disconnecting the uphaul. The twin yankees were furled away and repairs made with Peter being  hoisted aloft to reconnect jib sheets. Soon after the wind shifted south of east which is unusual in these latitudes and we let one yankee lie inside the other on the port tack. This involved running even more lines.
                    Peter sorts out the sheets                                                                   In the words of our friend Laurence "You can never have too many ropes!"
We are now snugged down for the night on port tack with poles stowed on deck until the north easterly trades resume which the forecast indicates will happen in the next couple of days.  Noon to noon run was only 115nm today due to the fluky winds and the slowing for a couple of hours for pin replacement.