Transatlantic Passage Day 4, Monday January 14 2013

Mon 14 Jan 2013 21:00
15:59.32N 31:37.91W
All well onboard.  Another day's good progress albeit under overcast skies. Noon to noon run was 170nm with North Easterly Force 4 winds most of the time and the distance run on the log has just clocked 400nm since leaving Mindelo. We put the clock back one hour today so we are now on GMT -2.
Not much to report today. Since the distance to go indication dropped below 2013nm we have taken up a game where every time the reading is noted we try and think of a happening or event associated with the"year" indicated.  This has done more to reveal our combined inattentiveness during school history lessons than it has provided crew entertainment. We did however have a tot of rum each to celebrate the Battle of Trafalgar when 1805 appeared today .  (Not sure much else will happen until The Great Fire of London... a sad state of affairs).