Day 4

Tue 1 Jan 2013 20:10
21:38.54N 20:44.13W  (at 1930)
New Years Day at Sea.
We raised a glass to absent friends last night and later to celebrate the New Year, albeit a little early.
Crossed the Tropic of Cancer this morning, so in theory we have "Gone Troppo" but have not yet been able to discard warm clothes, particularly at night.
Wind ENE 5-6, occasionally 7, we are still powering on under reefed yankee, no need to set any mainsail. Noon to noon distance run was 185 nautical miles. Geoff successfully diagnosed the generator problem to an overheated fuse hidden at the back of the generator and not easy to find or work on. The set is up and running again now.
Occasional wavetops come aboard so we have rigged a canvas dodger on the port quarter guard rails which has helped. No ships, no wildlife seen , just wave after wave, but there was an impressive sunset this evening.
Hope to reach Cape Verdes by Friday morning if we keep up this progress.