Transatlantic Passage Day 15, 25 January

Sat 26 Jan 2013 11:14
12:19.66N 59:09.10W
A night and day of  clear weather interspersed with the occasional line squall coming through. Many pass us by either side, but when one passes over us it is a case of reducing sail area in good time, stowing the bimini, if up, sitting it out and getting wet! Luckily they are easy to spot both by eye and radar.
           Squall, 4 miles away approaching from astern . This one gets us!  It is the radar contact bottom left, other squalls can be seen around us.
We sighted two ships today, the first seen for eleven days. One, out of Gibraltar bound for Port of Spain was happy to chat to us on VHF. The other was a bit grumpy, may be about being woken up! Our noon to noon run was 132nm so progress has slowed a bit. 135nm to go so if all continues to go well this could be our last night at sea for this voyage.