Transatlantic Passage Day 11, 21 January 2013

Mon 21 Jan 2013 21:50
13:57.44N 48:40.83W
Lovely Moonlit night last night, and a sunny day today with a  steady breeze that continues to drive us westwards. 24 hour run was 159nm. Plenty of flying fish around and they appear to be larger than seen before. Astro Navigation classes started today under Peter's instruction with sights of the moon and sun taken during the day. and star sights at dusk. The laborious manual process of reducing the sights to give position lines on the chart has so far been avoided by the use of an Astro Nav App on Geoff's Ipad. We know that we should really do it the old fashioned way too,......may be tomorrow!
                                                                                   Peter using the sextant to take a moonsight