Transatlantic Passage Day 13, 23 January 2012

Wed 23 Jan 2013 22:00
13:07.66N 54:6.55W
A fairly boisterous night with line squalls passing through bringing rain with the wind which must have topped 40knots on one occasion. We were well reefed down for most of the night with a "pocket handkerchief" of sail set. Sleeping was more difficult than normal due to the motion of the boat, particularly in the forward cabin. By morning we were able to set more sail as the weather settled down and we have had a good days passagemaking especially as the swell eased and make up some lost time resulting in a noon to noon run of 172nm. Nothing sighted today other than a largish bird, possibly a Cory Shearwater that circled the boat from time to time.
The sun is just setting and thoughts are now turning to snugging the rig down for the night and preparing the evening meal.