St Kitts 10th & 11th of February

Fri 10 Mar 2006 14:30
We motored the long trip of 9 miles to Basseterre Marina St Kitts!  But took some good shots of Alter Ego:
Chris and I had an interesting arrival as I almost fell in using our dinghy to tie our bow line around a pylon.....!!!  Thankfully there are no photos! ( And not too many people watching us )
Another 'taxi tour' with Bob and Gill, with Henry an interesting character who seemed to know everyone! 
The highlight of our tour was the chance finding of a '12m' reconstruction of an 1905 Americas Cup Boat. Phillip the boat builder's project has taken him 3yrs and he hopes to race it in next years Antigua Classic Week. She will be beautiful.  Whilst he lives in the 'boat shed' his wife paints, and has exhibited and sold in London.....what a chance find. After about 20 minutes of discussion about the original boat and  the stages of building and all the technical aspects of getting the boat to the sea some 2 miles away!! Their was an almighty holler from behind us.... " Phillip stop talking about your boat these people have come here to look at my ART!!!!!!" This was from Kate the Artist behind us, The art was very impressive, Chris bought an artistic impression of Dorados....The original that I liked was priced at $1600!!!
Phillip and his boat his mistress! (his words)
Kate the amazing artist, his wife
Travellers Palms in a Botanical garden
Chris communicating with nature???!!!!
St Kitts new Cricket stadium in preparation for next years World Cup!!
Henry our guide!
The end of the day overlooking St Kitts southern end with Nevis in the distance
One of many St Kitts rainbows