What no Wind!!!!

Tue 9 Aug 2005 06:19
The rounding of the Lizard point was finally achieved at 9.55 Pm last night after a frustrating battle against the tide with wind speeds as low as 1 Knot. We finally had to kedge the anchor at 18.00 to stop the boat falling backwards with the tide. At 20.10 we lifted the anchor and ghosted pass the Lizard around 9.55 PM before the wind built offshore to allow us to pass Lands end at 1.56 AM this morning.

We are now into the second phase of the race the open water leg to the rock and back currently making 6 Knot of boat speed with the Fastnet rock 144 miles still to the north west of us. The wind systems are quite variable and difficult to predict the best course to steer. So current plan is sail fast and follow close to the rhumb line as possible..