7 .00 Am Thursday Update

Thu 11 Aug 2005 07:09
Hi All finally found some time for an update!! its been pretty busy since we rounded the rock at 17.32 Yesterday as you can see the weather was excellent we were making around 8.5 Knots reaching out for the wind ward mark when  the pic was taken and we managed to circle the whole crew to get the same shot!!
The conditions have been great all night with NW / W winds. After rounding the windward mark we raised the Code 2 Full Spinnaker and have run down the rhunb line with a couple of gybes to maintain good speed. Top speed of 12.1 Knots goes to RJ are testosterone fuelled young  YM!!!
We are currently 63 miles north of Bishops Rock Light House and are racing along at an average speed over 7.5 Knots. Total log so far is 493.5 Miles and all looks good right now for a finish some time Friday if the wind holds up!!!