Day 5 of Lazy Dawn's ocean passage

Fri 25 Nov 2005 14:59
Another good 24hrs of sailing, covering 136miles. We have made good progress SW. Despite periods of very light winds yesterday, we managed to keep above 3 knots at all times. We kept the kite up over night as the wind picked up steadily, keeping as dead down wind a course as we could, trying to avoid heading too far west.  Once all up we gybed the spinnaker and are making 8 - 9 knots with the spinnaker and 2 reefs in the main, surfing down the waves in glorious sunshine.  (For those sailors amongst you, Skip wanted me to point out that it was our second faultless dip pole gybe with 3 of us in 20knots of breeze.....!) We will hopefully stay on this gybe now and are heading in the direction of the Cape Verde islands. This is further south than we had planned but are being advised by the ARC office to maintain a southerly course even until possibly past the C.V islands to keep clear of the Tropical Storm, which is now developing into a Hurricane!  Lazy Dawn always finds the bad weather!! So much for the 'Trades' now not expected to arrive until next much for an under 20day passage! That being said, she is performing sweetly, loving the broad reach we are now on. According to Jeff (Dyson senior) who is sending us a daily position report via satellite text, we are 7th in our class and 66th overall ......remembering of course that this takes no account of engine hours which you have to who knows, but we have only done 12 hrs motoring in total since we started and none at all since Wednesday.
We have had further good banter with nearby yachts on VHF, especially 'Annie K' a sunsail cat who we passed with our kite up, whilst watching another episode of '24', which we enjoyed!  Unfortunately this morning, we have heard nothing on VHF, so we can only assume no other yacht is within 25 miles approx of us.  We have also communicated with friends by satellite phone,Bob and Gill sailing AlterEgo a Hallberg Rassy 54.They, as expected, are miles ahead of us, and not in VHF range. Despite our difference in size we have been put in the same division, although they are at the top and we are at the bottom thankfully. The "ARC" appear to rate this boat as a good performer across the Atlantic - lets hope so :-)
China mugs, now bravely we have 8, are all still in tact
Still no fish :-(
Still no showers - need to feel we have made some progress west first! Oh for short hair like the boys :-(
'24' getting very exciting - Half way through series 2. Please don't give anything away
Not baked bread yet
No one taking sea sickness pills including me!
Chloe the clown fish has left Antony the autopilot to do the job alone for today. Thanks to Pete we now have 'Antony' set on wind vane mode, so rather than following the compass course, it follows the wind angle - And we admit it, he's better than any of us, so as long as the battery will allow, we let him get on with it!
Must go - Pete has made a Chilli for lunch (from fresh vacuum packed meat ofcourse) :-)
Thanks for all your support, satellite phone text messages and emails, they are much appreciated.