Figueira da Foz to Cascais

Fri 23 Sep 2005 22:24

In the morning we explored the town, which was really nice, and we ventured into the local market and purchased fresh fruit, vegetables and some fish, all at exceptionally good prices. Setting sail at 13.20 for an overnight trip to Cascais of about 105 miles.


The trip was great again. We had wind from the Northwest and we sailed  / motored all the way. Lots of fishing nets to miss but all went really well and we arrived in Cascais about 04.30 in the morning, feeling quite fresh due to the good nights sleep we had the days before. This was the end of our first leg and also the time pressure was now off. We had been sailing to deadlines to drop Leon off earlier, and to meet Jo’s Parents who were in Cascais to play golf. Pat and George/ Mum and Dad had also some important provisions, more Ginger nuts (6 packets!!) and the new Sony PC for use on the navigational that had not arrived in time for the Biscay trip! So we had pushed hard to get here in good time to make the pick up!! We had now sailed 1008 miles since leaving Plymouth 2 weeks earlier. It was now time to relax and do some important boat maintenance and fit the wind generator.