Life in the Caribbean !! & Farewell to Peter

Wed 28 Dec 2005 00:36
Hi All
    Its been a bit of time since the last update!! Mainly due to the ARC celebrations!!!
It was great to have my ( Chris ) Mum and Dad in St Lucia as we arrived. We shared our Christmas together a bit early!! The best bit for me was to take them both out on the boat for a day sail to Marigot Bay, a very cool bay some 10 miles south of Rodney bay. We anchored the boat, everyone had a swim and we cooked a meal onboard before returning  to harbour. It was really fantastic to get mum onboard for the day and the fact both of them enjoyed it and no one was sick!!
We said good bye on  Saturday the 18th after a good lunch together on the beach at 'Spinnakers', then waved good-bye when we sailed away the next morning heading south. ( Thanks Mum and Dad for the effort you made to welcome us in :o)
 The following few days were full of serious Island hopping. The weather has been fantastic, 25 - 33 Deg with a F4 wind from the NE all the time. Sailing has been swift and its needed to be!! We have been cruising with Bob and Gill, whose  boat 'Alter Ego' is a HR 53 (Halberg Rassey) so for  us to stay anywhere near them we have to sail fast and prepare hard as we have no buttons ( Electrical winches and go faster gismos!! )  Its been really fun and challenging and so far they have yet to totally loose us!!!
When we Left St Lucia on the 19th December we sailed south to The Pitons some 30 miles south of Rodney bay. This is a marine reserve, it is protected by 2 huge volcanic mountains ( The Pitons ) over 500m high. This was Peter's last sail on 'Lazy Dawn'. In the morning after  2 months aboard, it was time for the emotion fare well as he returned to complete a full ski season.  At 09.00 we did all the hugs and good byes and we waved him off in the customs boat. A few tears were shed and we reflected on the time we had shared together. It had been a very special time together, the three of us have grown  closer, as we worked towards our goals. Peter has been a fabulous crew mate and the trip has some thing special we will all remember for the rest of our lives. 
As Peter disappeared at 30 knots around the head land we thought it was time to move on and chase the HR once more!! As Jo & I discussed the best sail plan to charge after  Bob & Gill, we got a phone call from Peter!! No he had not changed his mind and decided to stay!!! But forgotten his flight tickets and Passport so needed to come back one more time to collect them, resulting in a second round of hugs and emotion!!
Thanks to  Peter for his contribution and companionship. We will certainly be a little envious of a full ski season in France, USA & Canada! Good luck Peter and try not to break anything this season!  Hope the St Lucia Bounty Rum hat lasts the season!
Some Lasting Memories
Team in St Lucia with team hats and the little Rib!!
Final pictures with Team kit !!