Fish, Fish and more Fish! Day 8 Lazy Dawn's Ocean Passage

Tue 29 Nov 2005 09:37
After yesterdays display of fishing skills, Hannibal like gutting, and culinary prowess, word had obviously got around and the local Dorado population thought they would give us a battle.They came bigger, stronger, feistier and in pairs. Yes, one for Chris to battle and display that 'hunter gatherer' instinct in him for 20 minutes with a meaty rod in his blistered hand, the other not quite so aggressive on the towing line fought with Pete. Although Chris's was definitely the fatter and stronger, Pete's was unfortunately very slightly bigger than Chris's. I had the casting vote, even though I know which side my bread is buttered, I voted Pete the winner! The photo is the evidence, but in Chris's defence, the photo doesn't do his catch as much justice. Although we threw Chris's fish back, after such a fight I think it unfortunately became part of the food chain, suffering further damage as he tried to let him go. Two fights were enough for the men, so the lines were withdrawn until tomorrow.  After Chris's gallant eye opening dealing with his slippery fish behind the wheel, it was Pete's turn. One was butchery, the other fishmongery.........after the mess yesterday, the technique has definitely improved. Unfortunately when trying to douse the fish with alcohol, a lot less macabre than a winch handle, Pete dropped the gin bottle over board - luckily freebee gin from the ski club ball and not much left. So out came the Finnish firewater, lethal and disgusting by all accounts, to finish the job.
Oh no I think it might be my turn tomorrow!
So now I await Dorado steaks cooked this time by chef Chris :-)
Back to the sailing, we sailed well under a reefed main and a genoa overnight and maintained a steady 7 kts. Still heading a more south westerly route in an attempt to avoid a calm patch to the west of us, we have finally found ourselves in 3kts of breeze, so unwillingly we have turned on the engine.  Not all bad, as this has meant we have been able to confidently turn on the water maker..........WE ARE CLEAN!!!! Showers for us all, although there ended up a competition on who could use the least amount of water, and I didn't come last!
The trades are predicted even further south, at 16 degrees North. We are now at 17 degrees 48 mins, so we are have another 60 - 70 miles until we will turn west, come what may!
So although not a great sailing mileage day, we have seen dolphins and whales, caught fish, showered and generally chilled. It feels like a holiday :-)
Must go, the wine is being opened!
Chris Jo and Peter
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