Fastnet 2005 Race Follow Up instructions

Thu 4 Aug 2005 18:17
So as race day is approaching I thought I would ad some useful links for our families and friends to view the weather forecasts e.t.c
Key Weather links of the expected weather we should face*v*040701*13*NA*engl_London

Race links to follow official race reports and results

Satellite Phone numbers & Web based SMS  service

Lazy Dawn Sat phone number = 881631537942  you can send SMS free to this phone
via the web link below  The messages arrive and can be read but no SMS reply is
possible on my phone model,  except via email or calls all very expensive!!
Email can be sent to the boat but please do not do so unless really urgent as we need to maintain maximum band width for weather acquisition during the race!!
Have fun keeping up to date!!!