Last Visit to Paradise " Tobago Cays "

Mon 16 Jan 2006 00:03
An Arial View of Tobago Cays ( Not from my Kite Surf !)
We Left Union Island on Saturday for the Cay's  a sail of some 5 miles!! This is likely to be our last visit here, as from here we need to travel north to  meet Vellu and Paivi ( Friends from Finland ) who will join us next week. Of all the places visited so far the Cay's have captured our imagination the most. Uninhabited, a wildlife sanctuary, this place is paradise. The sea is so blue and the snorkelling is amazing.
It is also the first place I have kite surfed in the Caribbean not so bad hey Mark!!
We arrived by 2 pm and spent the afternoon looking for the illusive Turtles which we had not seen! We snorkelled all the way around the island in the front of the picture and nope no turtles  but some cool shoals of fish, Barracuda, corals..e.t.c
A Huge Starfish ( Not quite a Turtle )
We were about to give up when we saw lots of activity behind the sandy beach as many people followed a Turtle swimming around the weeds. We joined the crowd but alas we saw no turtles underwater, but did see some surfacing for air. We decided to call it a night and return the next morning before the crowds arrived and hoped that the water would clear and we would be lucky!!
The morning was calm the wind had dropped the sea was much clearer and it was finally our turn to see these amazing creatures
Turtles swimming in their natural environment
After about an hour of following them and swimming along next to them under water we had achieved our goal. We thought we should return to Lazy Dawn as we had a hard sail ahead of us to Bequia some 30 miles North. The day was set to be very kind to us. The wind had veered to the east and we made good progress North, at times on a reach at 9 knots not the 4 -5 knots we had initially expected due to normal head winds. Its been an amazing day!!
We arrived in Bequia some hours before we expected and still had time to chill out swim and enjoy the view before the sun went down!!  Now back in civilisation we are in an internet cafe doing the mails and the updates before the big push to St Lucia tomorrow. Lets hope the kind winds continue!!