Still Running down wind under the Kite

Thu 11 Aug 2005 10:24
At 10 AM this morning we had covered 518 miles of the 608 mile course still running down wind under the Code 2 spinnaker making 8.8 knots the helm with Rob S at Bishops Rock is approaching fast E.T.A around 3 - 4 this afternoon then its a gybe and a run up the English Channel to Plymouth and a well needed shower!!! Plus the 6 days worth of alcohol we have missed on the trip!!!

Food is running a bit low we have now eaten all the chocolate brownies and the sweet tooth's among the crew are looking a bit twitchy but the sight of land hopefully will cure there urges!!!

Thanks for all the SMS updates its been great to hear from you all and have some ideas of our position. Sounds like we are a bit below our target 50% level in class 2 due to issues at the lizard and having no wind in the Irish sea. Lets hope the kite leg will bring us back up the standings!!!