Position 15:34.93N 61:27.99W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Fri 9 Apr 2010 15:50
8th April 2010 Porsmouth, Dominica and on ...
A really heroic sight- there were more
than a dozen of these single and dual
handed ROWING boats tied up in front
of the old buildings of Nelson's dock
yard in English Harbour.The end of a
Transatlantic rowing race which they had
just completed. One showed extensive
damage where it had obviously end up
against a reef - what a way to end 3000+
miles of effort.
I could only marvel at the characters that
consider - and then complete - such a feat.
We finally left Antigua from English Harbour after a more sucessful chandlery stop and had a
motor trip down to Guadeloupe where we spent a night in Des Haies with an excellent meal at La Savane.
The next day's sail down past Guadeloupe was far faster, but we found Les Saintes packed out
with yachts at an Easter Regatta and no room to anchor so headed straight on to Portsmouth, Dominica
one of our favourite islands.
We had a peaceful few days there - at least I did - Julian was recovering from a very nast tummy bug (too
good a dinner in Des Haies perhaps?)
The remains of Fort Shirley stiil
commands the entrance to Prince Rupert
Bay in Dominica, now part of the
Cabrits National Park. Built by the
British in the 1700s as a defence against
the French, it was finally completed by
the latter when they later took over the
The wind kept increasing during our stay and we finally left into a strong NEasterly which should
have promised a sleigh ride down to Martinique. Despite frustrating reversals in the wind direction
- and strength -we made good time, and stayed overnight at Grande Anse before heading to St Lucia.
We were rewarded with the company of
a pod of 9 dolphins of various sizes who
gave us a magificent display under our
bows for half an hour.