Position 17:28.77N 62:59.44W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sun 28 Nov 2010 12:35
Sint Eustatius (Statia) 25-26th November
We left St Kitts in the late afternoon for the short 23nm sail up to Statia. We arrived after dark
which was not a problem as there is a large anchorage with only two other boats in it but were
then nearly run down by a tug running backwards and forwards across between the town pier
and the many large oil tankers at anchor.
Half of this very small island is given over to an extensive oil storage
depot with massive green tanks everywhere. It must be one of the largest of this type of
facilities anywhere but seems to have very little impact on the rest of the island and its people
who are very friendly and welcoming. Surprisingly with all the oil activity the sea is absolutely
clear and pristine with a number of dive operators offering holidays which include a lot
of wreck diving which would have appealed to us if we had more time. The end of the
island not covered with oil tanks is an extinct volcano with a large forrested caldera
which offers an excellent hike. Alas the weather for our visit was lashing rain and
squalls so we spent most of our time catching up on the computer in the equivalent
of a MacDonalds burger bar (the only eating place we found in town) which has excellent
free wifi and is also the general meeting place for the local population. Ideal place for
people watching!
When we came to leave we found that our anchor had fouled an old seabed mooring
pile. As the water was so clear we could see by snorkelling the problem 10 meters
below but it required donning our scuba gear to clear. It must have been the only
obstruction in the whole massive anchorage and we managed to find it!