Heading West 36:26.07N 25:23.00E

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sun 7 Sep 2008 10:28
Sightseeing and onwards..
The food poisoning was probably a virus as Anne fell down with the worst of it 24 hrs after
I did and we both had severe headaches and muscle pains. Fortunately only lasted 36 hrs
and then felt brilliant! Sail to Ios was typical Med hastle. Winds varied from 10 to 35 knots
but generally from a sailable direction. One severe gust lifted winds from less than 20 to over 40
knots without any warning in a matter of 30 seconds. Did more sail adjustments in the 50 nm
journey than we did in crossing half the Atlantic! Ios had a delightful anchorage but the next
morning I promised to take Anne to Thira. An island she visited on a school cruise many years
ago but which we have missed in all our Aegean cruising. It is dramatic to sail through the caldera,
see the volcanic plugs and calculate the amount of material that was ejected when the island
exploded about 1400 BC. Mind boggling - it is estimated that the explosion was at least 3 times
greater than Krakatoa and that could be heard over a 1000 miles away. Thira's eruption must
have wiped out the whole of the population in the eastern end of the Mediterranean. A little
worrying to consider that as we sailed through the caldera as it is still very much active now...
Well leaving the cruise ships etc behind there we are now making passage west towards Malta
weather permitting.
                      Inside the caldera                   Exit on west side of Thira with town behind 
Geological strataVolcanic plug with Thira town behind