Guernsey to Gibraltar

Brian Bonniwell and Claudine
Mon 19 Oct 2015 21:32
36  14.0000N 5 35.0000W
We set off from Guernsey at approx 5pm on the 28th September, 2015.  The Bay of Biscay was true to form and turned out to be a bit windy but made for a great sail which continued till we landed in a little Spanish port called Muros.  This was a lovely little port where we all had a swim off the boat the first of the holiday off our new swimming platform... We  then left that day for Bayona as the wind was favourable and it was not too long a sail. Unfortunately the wind died so we motored most of the way along the coast.  We did see some dolphins now and again  and a little bird roosted in our saloon where he gathered up enough strength to continue his flight the next morning.....leaving a few calling cards on the way!!  We then went through a number of little Spanish Islands and one of them was called Isles Ceis  It was a beautiful Island a little like Herm but bigger with a few tractors and landrover around.  We anchored for the night and the boys swam to the Island, which was quite a way from the boat and I swam around the boat a couple of times.
The Island was a natinalal park and was maintained beautifully,  it was really interesting walking around it and although, not avid ‘twitcher’s  we had time to appreciate the wonderful birdlife on the Island.
We then motored to Bayona as the wind had died it was not a place I would go back to as the Marina wasn’t  that good, was quite expensive and there was poor internet access however the town had some lovely little restaurants that were reasonably priced but a bit touristy.
We stayed there a few days then off to Cascais a port and marina outside the mouth of Lisbon.  Good sail but there  remained quite a rolly sea from the previous gales and we had a shock coming out of Bayona harbour as the seas were fairly turbulent so hatches had to quickly be shot!! Cascais Marina, by contrast was excellent, the  facilities were really good and the town was very picturesque.  Plenty of things for the boys to do ie clubs etc... And lots of good walking,  I would recommend this place.
Brian and I went to Lisbon by train and the boys cycled...Sam is keeping Ben really fit!!  We met up for lunch with them and altogether we all had a great day out.   Lots of interesting things to see.
 Brian had to pick up a sail and water pump in Gibraltar so that’s where we are now in a Marina.  We motered most of the way unfortunately as the wind had died.  The entrance to the Gibraltar Straights was magical with the water as calm as a mill pond and the dawn rising, it was just beautiful, even the many wind turbines look magnificent on the tops of the spanish mountains.  The Marina is fine but not a patch on Cascais, we are also finding it increasingly annoying not to be able to get Wi Fi, and are frequently visiting one of the many café’s on the Marina site to use their Wi Fi.   Many at this Marina  live aboard and are ex-pats.  On our first night Brian took us out to a well known steak house called ‘Grouchos’ and it was fabulous, he had been there before and had the best steak he has ever had did not disappoint it was great night out had by all.  
The boys had an ‘epic’ windsurf in a well know surfing beach called Tarifa which is just over the border in Spain and stayed in a hostel for the night.   
Gibraltar is a strange place.....very British and a little like Guernsey in respect they have a main shopping street which is cobbled and basically the same shops, there really is no VAT over here, which means the Gin is very cheap!!!!  They speak English which is a bonus and there is a really good Morrison's that has all the usual brands etc to top up for our travels.   There is too much traffic like Guernsey but the biggest difference are the skyscrapers and the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any green areas at all ... you feel quite claustrophobic with all the tall buildings surrounding you and there is a constant sound of new building going on.

Claudine, Brian, Ben and Sam