Cape Trafalgar

Brian Bonniwell and Claudine
Wed 10 Jun 2009 11:34
36:03.94N 6:17.21W
Wednesday 10th  10.00 hrs gmt
A great sail for the last 16 hours approaching this famous Cape at 8+ knots in a flat sea.  Now the wind has died and we are motoring towards Gib - 50 miles to go, and maybe a meal out, hopefully paid for in sterling.  (Thanks to dear Gordon and his utter incompetence, everything here in Euroland now seems very expensive)
Our first whale sighting this morning, but no pics!
Last time Wishanger II was here was on 21 October 2005 when we joined 27 other Oysters to commemorate the Battle of Trafalger 200 years earlier.  On that occasion we re-enacted one of Nelson's battle manoeuvres at the precise time and location before laying wreaths in memory of those who died. A very unique and moving experience.  We then continued on our cruise to the Caribbean before returning to the UK in 2006.
On this occasion our onward passage is slightly less ambitious - Croatia, via Malta returning to the UK in September.  Nevertheless, it should be great fun particularly with all the friends who are joining the boat over the period - a lot of the readers of this diary, hopefully.
We are missing Rob and Rich.  Malc has replaced them.  He has quickly settled into our routine, although with one less crew our watch system is a little more onerous.It will be his turn to write the diary tomorrow - so wait for it!
Brian, John Steve and Malc
The crew - SY Wishanger II