Brian Bonniwell and Claudine
Sun 19 Jul 2009 23:38
42:45.12N 16:48.50E
Tuesday,  Wednesday, Thursday  14-16 July
We departed Mjet and headed for Lastovo Island. The next day out 'italian friends' anchored nearby and invited us on board for lunch.  Despite only just having had brunch we felt obliged to accept and enjoyed a pasta meal with them. They then invited us to another anchorage where they had a Croatian friend with a house on the shore.  To cut a long storey short we followed them to their friends and spent a couple of days in their company.  Ugo's wife was French (and a nurse) and had a great command of English and the 3 kids were roughly Ben and Sams age and they all had a whale of a time - 2 girls, and a son who, like Sam, wants to join the army.  Ben PRETENDED to show no interest in the elder girl, and Sam has never shown interest in girls! All very amusing!
Unfortunately we didnt really do the island justice and would have liked to have explored more. There were three large caves in which submarines were berthed during the war. We saw two from the outside, but didnt have time to explore. Some other time, maybe.