14'18.92N 060'16.97W

Sat 29 Jan 2022 22:43
29/01 @ 1835 14'18.92N 060'16.97W
Before we begin this blog, Joe would like to publicly apologise for his slander of Jacob in last night's blog. "I was trying to be funny, but as you might have worked out, I'm not. At all. I am disappointed in myself for many reasons but, mainly, because he is my idol and he's probably the coolest bloke I know", Joe Burnip.
So this is it, the closing curtain, the final blog post from the lyricists. Its been one day shy of three weeks since we left Las Palmas and what a story those three weeks have become. We encountered so much from whales to tropical birds, from Mahi Mahi to becoming international rescuers. In the final days of this voyage we have been slightly disheartened by the conditions we were being handed but tonight, as we are closing in with 40 miles, 7 hours left the music is pumping and through what might be one of the best sunsets yet, we have first sight of our destination! Our last meal onboard is being cooked as we speak by Chris and what a sublime last supper it is going to be.
This journey from east to west has been something that will last with us forever and now we are finally able to say, we've done it. For Chris and Jacob its been three years in the planning and didn't they plan this trip right. From the sails we have onboard, to the provisioning, to making sure we were covered for any eventuality and down to the route we took. Everything has been down to them to get What's Next as ready as she can be and boy didn't they do it right!
So what else is there to say, accept thank you, to our readers for coming along on this journey (we hope you've enjoyed it), to Robin, Michiel and Hein for being our crew but mostly to Chris for making this whole thing possible.
Tomorrow will be the final sign off from our Skip so make sure to come back for it.
To our fellow ARC sailors, we'll be keeping the rum punch on ice ready for you!
Jacob and Joe