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Mon 17 Jan 2022 21:54

17/01 @ 1839 19'46’51"N 031'47'70"W

Now as our 8th day draws to a close, the sun setting on a rather unsettled sea, we look back upon what has been achieved. Due to demand, our now told, untold story of what happed to our potatoes as they peaceful hung was released at lunch time which we hope you all enjoy.

Unfortunately, today we had to put the donkey back to work but now he’s having a well-deserved break as we’ve got some stable wind pushing us along at 7-8kts. It has come to our attention that we as writers can no longer be contained and we want to break through that fourth wall. So, we put it to you, our readers to email us questions, mysteries and thoughts that we as a crew can examine and feature in our blog.

‘Our blog with its readers is like a sailboat with wind. You drive us from word to word forever keeping our sails and hearts full. Without you. Yes you. We would be drifting around lost and forgotten, aimlessly on a passage with no end.’
J.A. Line and J.W. Burnip

Chris was the one in chef whites, lunch was served with gourmet cheese and ham toasties and a diced mini babybel and tomato accompaniment with a light drizzle of balsamic. For our evening delights was baked salmon with bulger wheat and sauteed veg, ‘that was a bit of goodness that was’ – Chris Line 17/01/22

We really hope that you’ll send us an email, but because we have limited data we would really appreciate it if you keep it short and brief and only every couple of days. Our email is: whatsnext’AT’mailasail'DOT'com (we had to deliberately not included the @ and . so we don’t end up with lots of junk mail using up our data).


Chris, Jacob, Joe and Robin

A great photo bomb
Chris cooking up our dinner
As you can see, it was really good. We've all cleaned our plates!