20'14.72"N 029'89'57"W

Sun 16 Jan 2022 21:36

16/01 @ 1945 20'14.72"N 029'89'57"W

On today's episode of, Keeping up with the Sailors, Khris and Joe Jenner saw a whale calf breach the water. Jakob woke up in a tumble dryer and Robin K has begun to uncover the truth of where our potatoes have been disappearing to.

Brexit has caused a great issue with the ‘trade’ winds as these are still not allowing us to join them in an attempt to get to the Caribbean. Because united, we know we're stronger. This morning arrived with unpredictable weather in the form of variable winds and showers. This led to some great moments of pure exhilaration as we flew through the water at 8kts. And then. During a gust which led our vessel of sanctuary to keel over. Jacob turned, poised like he was stood on the balcony at the Vatican about to speak to 1000’s of people, ‘Like a wave, life has its highs and its lows. It’s all about riding them whilst not getting wet.’ It was f***ing biblical mate. Nobody spoke for two hours digesting those words of song, now set in the ether, we continued to progress, never to forget that moment of harmony.

Challenging Gordon Ramsey today was Joe. Whisking up a Spanish tortilla for our mid-day digestion, which without a doubt was stupendous. Followed later with a stir fry consisting of prawns and tuna (no unfortunately it wasn’t fresh caught off the line by us, it was caught by old mate John West). Gordon would truly be proud.

Now with the sun set and the moon our spotlight illuminating our path across our watery track. We are getting closer to our next target, 30 degrees west (nothing to do with old mate John this time) which we will cross in the depths of the night. Where tomorrow, we shall return with the new untold, story of where our potatoes have been going as discovered by Robin.

However, today’s story is not yet finished. Now with a strong wind moving in from the ‘North West’, we have been able to continue sailing throughout the daylight hours and looking at future weather forecasts this will be our conditions for the foreseeable. Allowing us to rest easy knowing our stocks of engine juice will not reduced.

Here’s to safe sailing and good winds to all our fellow ARC voyagers!

Jacob and Joe

Don't ask questions.
If you look really close you can see it. I promise!
See, we said Gordon would be proud.