17'35’42"N 043'18’34"W

Sat 22 Jan 2022 21:43

22/01 @ 1900 17'35’42"N 043'18’34"W

Once again, we have come to the end of another day on our passage across the Atlantic. We’ve had a mixed bag of sailing, motor-sailing and just motoring today but it most definitely hasn’t dampened our spirits. As this is being written we are only 39 miles until we have 1000 left to go so we’re definitely celebrating this moment tonight with a glass of wine and a cheeky beer with dinner. Jacob has also gone all out in his attire tonight with pink and white striped shirt and his white linen trousers. He said, ‘the fans would want to know and I believe that whatever the circumstances, your appearance matters. It’s an augmentation of your soul.’ Sounds as biblical as Jesus himself.

Today Michiel has cooked up an absolute storm yet again! This morning he treated us to smoked salmon with scrambled eggs on toast. Lunch time was filled with beef wraps and now for dinner we’re having curry which smells as if we are in India. We well and truly are being spoilt!

But now it’s that time again, our questions from you. Our devoted blog readers!

Our questions today come from 10 year olds, Millie and her sister Bea.
Millie asked…
What else have you been having for pudding each night?
Have we been falling out of our beds because of the waves?

Whilst Bea asked…
What other animals have seen other than your pet tuna?
Have you seen any glowing plankton?

So Mille, unfortunately we have been very bad at eating a daily pudding. But our favourites have been the Angel Delight we had last night, Maltesers and we hope you like them too but also Kinder Buenos! Thankfully we haven’t been falling out of our bunks yet but we have been sliding around like Bambi on ice.

And Bea, we’ve been lucky in seeing a baby whale jump out the water, the fish we caught the other day which is known as Mahi Mahi, along with a cuttle fish, a squid which got eaten by our pet tuna, and we’re also constantly surrounded by flying fish. In fact, one hit Chris in the leg the other night as we were sailing along. Every once in a while, we do see some Storm Petrol and Tropic birds, these are white with long tail tips. We’re also constantly surrounded by flying fish. We’re also very confident we’ve seen glowing plankton. Its best at night and when the moon has set, when you look at the wash from the back of the boat, it truly does glow! But the best thing we’ve seen is dolphins glowing because of it as they were jumping out the water. We’ve also found two wild Dutch guys and they aren’t that bad either.

Thanks so much for your questions girls!

Anyway, now its time to say goodnight on what has been another fantastic day on the Atlantic and the end of another post.

Wait, you can’t really be thinking we’re about to end there do you?! No, you’re right we’re not!

Because there is one thing we truly cannot forget about.

And that is…

Birthday cake emoticon Katie’s Birthday! Party smile emoticon
From all of us Katie, especially Chris and Jacob we all wish you a very, very happy birthday!

What’s Next Crew,
Chris, Jacob, Joe, Robin Michiel and Hein

Of course we had a photo shoot!
A very active lightening show south of us tonight whilst having dinner