16'32.25N 052'45.37W

Thu 27 Jan 2022 00:33
27/01 @ 1842 16'32.25N 052'45.37W
Good evening,
The crew of 'What's Next' were busy on deck at the crack of dawn this morning eager to get the most of the favorable winds and utilise 'The Whoomper' (formerly known as 'The Beast'). We were then welcomed to lighter winds and choppier sea than expected, but make no mistake, our shining light of a vessel has not retracted and continues to drive us through this desolate watery desert. Joe and Jacob retreated themselves into a few games of cards, consisting of Snap, Go-Fish and 21. Jacob won every game (is what he likes to think). Due to the intense heat at these latitudes, every opportunity to escape the scorching sun was taken without hesitation.
As of ten minutes ago, we are within 500 nautical miles of our destination! The remaining days have now been described as 'a long weekend' which has everyone very excited, as we like those. We now venture into the darkness of the night, which we have merely adopted, awaiting the early hours of the morning for the moon to rise and illuminate the imminent squalls we saw forming at dusk. Tonight might be an interesting one, but you'll have to find out tomorrow.
Next of our bios is our good mate Robin!
Robin Kenny
Age: 53
Height: 5'10'
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Robin was part of our original crew as we left Las Palmas. Having over 250,000 sea miles, a lot of these accumulated by crossing the Atlantic working on yacht deliveries, he brings a wealth of knowledge with regards to navigating this vast ocean. This crossing has brought Robin away from one of his weaknesses, 'red wine, something I can't wait to get a large glass of when we moor up in St Lucia. Or maybe a bottle.' With Robin having completed this crossing enough times to write a book, yes an actual book 'The Sea, Jimmy Beer Keg and Me', brings his biggest strength to the deck of What's Next. Experience. Having this has allowed Chris, Jacob and Joe to learn so much about what it takes to cross from east to west that you can't get from reading a book or watching a seminar on Zoom. Its first hand, something that you really can't take for granted.
So there you have it, our forth crew bio. Which means that tomorrow is the first of two intros about our Dutch yachtsman.
Till then,
Jacob and Joe