22'23.70"N 023'05'50"W

Thu 13 Jan 2022 15:42

13/01 @ 1524  22'23.70"N 023'05'50"W

In the past 12 hours we’ve seen dolphins playing and glowing in the bio-luminescence and swimming off our bow at sunrise. Now we have an adopted pet Yellow Fin tuna, aptly named TinTin who has been following us now for 6hrs or more off our stern (still waiting to become our next meal). Around 0430 we lost all our wind and have been motoring since but now have the main sail out thanks to a nice constant southerly light breeze. Still with our sights set on our destination, we’re making good head way hoping to catch these ever so renowned trade winds. Everybody has been smashing the chef duties with some Gauchos Tapas (if you know, you know) inspired potatoes, egg and ham lunch from Chris and last nights chorizo pasta and lunch time bagels from Joe, before this Robins mixed salad for our afternoon appetites along with curry that evening. Only Jacob left to meet our demands! Keeping track on our fellow ARC sailors keeps us occupied once a day and its nice to see how everyone is doing.

We’re expecting the winds to develop over the coming days so that we can get back to what we love best.

First thing on our list in St Lucia is a taste of that rum punch!

Chris, Jacob Joe and Robin