17'58’66"N 040'55'97"W

Fri 21 Jan 2022 22:32

21/01 @ 2030 17'58’66"N 040'55'97"W

On what has been another precarious day at sea, the winds have finally been good to us. We’ve been sailing now coming up to 24hrs and how good it has been.
 ‘The tiresome groan of an engine does nothing but stifle the ocean’s call.’  J.A. Line

We’ve updated our watch system now to include our new Dutch comrades and today they have been on chef duties. Lunch today was broken eggs with diced onion and tomato with fresh baguettes. We’ve had a little soy sauce and sushi this afternoon consisting of our Mahi Mahi which tonight will follow with some meaty steaks from yesterday’s catch and roasted veg, finished off by some utterly delightful, Angel Delight.

At the moment we have constant eyes on the weather. We’re currently on the run from a patch of low wind that is developing just eastly behind us. This will most certainly catch us, but we need to be smart about our next few days of sailing due to our fuel levels. We have plenty for 72hrs of motoring, but we should only need circa. 48hrs over the next coming days. Once we get to Monday we should be in some very established winds which will glide us along to St Lucia.

With The Beast upfront helping us steam along comfortably on an average of 7kts we are doing extremely well as our current wind speed is averaging 10. This is exactly what a Trade Wind sail is supposed to do and it’s doing it perfectly!

But now, something you’ve all been waiting for. Question Time. Well let’s be honest, you probably haven’t but we like to think that you have.

Gary Wood is our questioner today.
What one thing did you plan to pack and take, then forget?
This was put to one of our new crew members, Michiel. He forgot his swimmers. Meaning it will be the birthday suit once we arrive on the beaches of St Lucia.

Do you have a rugby ball on board, if not, why not?
Of course we have a rugby ball onboard! What do you think we are, savages?

In true English Maritime history do you have limes on board? Do you know why they were kept on board?
Well we think it was a reasonable source for a fight against scurvy. But our lack of knowledge and our trusty friend Google means we’ve got to hope that Gary is going to read this and send us an email with the answer.

Who has the worst sea legs?
Some of us really have been sick as a dog. So, we’re going to do a reverse UNO card on this one and ask who do you think has had the worse sea legs?

To end our chapter tonight, the Dutch lyricist Michiel once said, ‘This life is what it is but, its better than it was.’ It truly does bring a wee tear to your eye. Until tomorrow our devoted blog readers.

Oh, by the way, we’re getting close to being under 1000 miles and once that happens, you’ll know about it.

Your Trusty What’s Next Crew,

Chris, Jacob, Joe, Robin, Michiel and Hein