22'59.30"N 020'45'00"W

Wed 12 Jan 2022 19:59

12/01 @ 1409  22'59.30"N 020'45'00"W

Day 4 has been full of strategy meetings regarding the cut off low pressure system North-west of us. A dead zone seems to be unavoidable… what we’d give for consistent trade winds! Looking to head North of our waypoint of 20N 30W, and hopefully it won’t be long before we’ll be pointing at our final waypoint of St Lucia! A Roger Federer impersonator has been discovered onboard in Jacob attempting to tame his barnet. Crossing the Tropic of Cancer has brought about more sun cream-filled days and sweat-filled nights. We set our watches back an hour at midday which took some of the comms equipment  by surprise but no major issues.

Chris, Jacob, Joe and Robin

1965 UPDATE: Jacob and Joe are having a movie night watching Finding Nemo in the hope of being able to catch a fish tomorrow ��