21'09.43"N 027'48'18"W

Sat 15 Jan 2022 20:21

15/01 @ 2018 21'09.43"N 027'48'18"W

At 1330, 21’16’77N 027’16’16W we put the sails away, turned off the engine, put down the swim platform and jumped in! It was by far the highlight of our trip so far. Swimming around the aft of the boat in the Atlantic, where the closest land is 5km below us with God knows what kind of creatures swimming around. We played our first game of Shithead where Jacob lost the first and Chris the second (so-called pros at the game).

Robin cooked up a storm filled with half a chicken each and roasted vegetables. Now as the sun sets, with a shepherds delight, so does another day. Filled with joyous smiles and laughs it keeps our spirits levitated to the thought of our ever closing approach towards our glorious destination. In the famous words of J.A. Line, ‘The sea is like a mistress. She giveth and taketh away just as quick.’ This. This is what our motivation has become.

Goodnight to all and to all a goodnight

Jacob and Joe

p.s. now we don’t have sun stroke or could quiet possibly be losing our minds