14'59.80N 057'33.28W

Fri 28 Jan 2022 22:42
28/01 @ 1938 14'59.80N 057'33.28W
Right, hey guys welcome back to another edition of Jacob and Joe on the sea, Jacob and Joe to the Caribbean We Go. 'I don't like warm drinks at all' a little side note as Jacob attempted to contribute to a conversation, still trying to be apart of something, he's done this on more than one occasion. If you asked us this time a week ago where we would be right now, we would be saying sat at a bar getting absolutely swash-buckled. Our next milestone is to get less than 200 miles to go which we're only three miles away from. Joe and Jacob cracked open a cold one with the boys in the shape of a Thatchers Gold to wash down the Thai green curry Joe cooked up tonight to satisfy our hunger. We've also had some friendly competition today from one of our fellow ARC challengers, Neverland, who have been chasing our tail for a day or two. But now they are about 7 miles on our starboard side keeping up.
With the sun setting on what looks to be another beautiful night of sailing, the stars guiding our path to our safe haven we look towards what is to become our last few days on this journey whilst looking back upon was has been an absolute experience of a life time. We're not going to divulge in to all this just yet and making this our last blog post because we've still got some distance to cover. However, in the early hours of the morning you can't help but think and acknowledge what the past three weeks have held for us.
When you get the chance, sit back, look up at the stars, immerse yourself with the soundtrack to Interstellar and get lost gazing at what lies above.
But tonight we'll leave you this... 'The present doesn't last for long, the future comes too quick but the past is something that holds memories forever.' J.W. Burnip
Jacob and Joe