19'46’51"N 031'47'70"W

Mon 17 Jan 2022 13:42

17/01 @ 1137 19'46’51"N 031'47'70"W

Suddenly awakened by the sounds of crisp packet rustling and not so subtle bangs of doors, Robin Kardiganshan rose to his feet from his slumber. What’s that he thought to himself. Jacob, whose beady eyes were keeping us safe, duty bound like a good watch keep is, Robin came up on deck, pondering about what could be causing the sounds. “Jacob; Joe and Chris are asleep right?” he questions the watch keep. “Yeah, I believe so.” Jacob returned. Then. Like a missile, a potato exited off the stern of the boat from which they were hanging in our expertly made Vegetable Net (trademark TBC). ‘Whoa!’ exclaimed Robin.
Robin mate, you alright?
Did you not just see that?!
See what?
That potato! It just flew off the back off the boat out of nowhere.
A second. A third. Then an onion? It stopped. Potatoes and apparently onions now at rest no longer escaping. Robin left dumbfounded by what had just happened stopped and thought to himself for a moment. Crisp packet rustling, not so subtle bang of doors and now flying veg. It could only be one thing. A poltergeist.

We awoke with the sounds of lapping seas and the morning sun beating down upon us. Now with the thought that What’s Next now has a poltergeist onboard Robin put this forward to the rest of the crew. Having no real solution to why what happened did that night, we live together onboard no longer a crew of four but now a crew of five.

Our conditions currently aren’t what we hoped for. With a beam sea, we’re rolling around a like fat kid in Willa Wonka’s chocolate river. The winds now set on coming from the north to northeast direction are still a little light and variable. During the night Joe had radio communication with a small cruise ship (or was it?) who kindly provided us with the weather for the next few days. Thankfully this met our predictions. Having now past the 30 degrees west longitude, we can almost taste that fresh, ice cold, rum punch quenching our thirst and hearing Caribbean soirees. We also put our clocks back another hour today, our current time zone being UTC -2. However, still with 1700 miles to go we’ve still got some distance to cover yet. Our ETA is currently either the 28th or 29th but once we get ourselves in some established winds that are still building west of us, we shall unleash The Beast and hopefully shorten our ETA by a day or two.

Anyway, at least now you know the tale of our potatoes.

The What’s Next Crew

p.s. reading a lot of books and having a Kinder Bueno before we write the blog has got Jacob and Joe in some very creative mindsets

Chris and Jacob ft. The Beast
Was this that night that caused our paranormal activity?
Say, orange!