15'47.80N 055'05.09W

Thu 27 Jan 2022 22:46
27/01 @ 1943 15'47.80N 055'05'09W
Is anyone out there?
Today has been a day of unpredictable nature. Mother nature has not been on our side, with Mr Night's hand upon our shoulder, this has brought very light winds forcing us to use what little fuel left we have onboard. Trying to not let our current situation dampen our spirits, further strategy has allowed us focus on being more efficient so that we have enough fuel to be able to motor in to Rodney Bay. This is something we're not worried about because with our day light hours being filled with good winds allowing us to sail comfortably and make good speed counteracts the need to motor at night. Morale is still up there and laughs are still being had so nothing is stopping us from having a good time.
Talking about having a good time, this brings us on to our two Dutch crew members. Michiel and Hein.
Hein Willemse         Michiel Clemens van Eijck
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Height:               Height:
Eye colour:           Eye colour
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These two have joined this boat in unfortunate circumstances but that has not stopped them from enjoying what this trip has to offer. As what could be seen to being the Netherlands offering of Ant and Dec these two are a double act we wouldn't want to be without. Always bouncing off one another they certainly know how to turn any downward spiral situation in something that you can look back on a laugh at. Michiel has bought to the table that of a five star restaurant, cooking up incredible meals on most days offering us something for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Along with this, he's also been the one to catch the Mahi Mahi and today another fish, only a diddy one this time, which will become something tasty tomorrow. Hein has become the resident DJ, enlightening us in an array of genres and introducing us to things from his homeland which will be sure to end up in Jacob's playlist. Having sailed with each other in the past and using their regatta experience, this has given us the ability to edge out everything from our current conditions over the past few days. Both of them well and truly have become a part of this crew that makes them feel as if they left Las Palmas with us, not having joined us only eight days ago.
Still etching away at our distance-to-go, with now 350 nautical miles left, we are a little unsure of our exact ETA but with current predictions showing we'll be this weekend we are still confident that it won't be long before all of us are in a Caribbean bar guzzling down some rum punch.
Till tomorrow,
Joe and Jacob