17'34'94N 045'45'72W

Sun 23 Jan 2022 22:33
23/01 @ 1922  17'34'94N 045'45'72W
Well, lets divulge with you lot about what shenanigans we've had today.
To be honest not a lot really. Today we've had a much better day of sailing. A persistent wind coming from the north-east has enabled us to make up some lost ground and begin to close down on our next longitude degree, 45.
However with more stable conditions it has led to some decent rest bite. One thing that has come from today is reminiscence. Stories being told of days past and one thing this ignited was laughter. This has bought to light hour each of our lives are all quite different from our experiences and be it how maybe in the moment what was going may not truly have been as funny as you thought, now you can look back and truly let the laughter out.
Hearing these stories today gave Jacob the idea about actually telling you guys a bit more about each crew member we have onboard. So that's exactly what we're going to do. With hopefully six days left and six crew, each day in our blog we're going to tell you a bit about ourselves.

Jacob Line
Age: 20
Height: '6ft, 6ft 1, 6ft 2 but if you're going to round it up to the nearest half that's 6'6.'
Eye Colour: Mahogany just like your grandmothers old cabinet in the dinning room
Hair colour: In a transition period so bear with on this one
Many of you know who Jacob is but for those of who don't, you're about to find out. In answer to why you're doing this crossing he said, 'I've wanted to have this once in a life time experience to share with my dad. I wanted to test my ability as a sailor and get out of my comfort zone. And why the hell not?'
'Understanding with regards to the desire to understand people' would be a strength Jacob has as one of the strings in his bow. One the flip side of this, a weakness would be, 'blonde woman'. He has an ability to remove a Buneo from circulation in a matter of mere seconds and when it comes to sleeping, he could sleep for an eternity. Jacob is absolutely, undoubtedly one of the strongest (clearly referencing to his chiseled look of a muscle man like what you'd find on the beaches of LA) cogs in the What's Next clock and with out him we would just be ticking along. Yeah ok the cooking ability maybe have to be left to the imagination but he makes up for that in other areas. Constantly looking at our sail plan and seeing what is the most efficient way for us to keep progressing to our end point he really is a good tactian and this is something every ocean crossing boat needs. He's most definitely someone we couldn't be with out.
So there you have it, the first of our six little intros in to our crew.
We'd also just like to mention that now due to our rationings of sugary goodness onboard our creative juices have started to get low. If there is anything you would like to see feature in our next blog let us know. We're also sorry for getting this post out late. Having put our clocks back another hour today we're now three hours behind the UK.
Till tomorrow,
Jacob and Joe