21'57.55"N 025'17'31"W

Fri 14 Jan 2022 16:29

14/01 @ 1522  21'57.55"N 025'17'31"W

So we’ve lost TinTin overnight and our excitement since 0500 local time has been squalls. We’ve had three since then but its been quite refreshing having a sudden down pour. During the night we made good progress and are now currently heading south on a starboard tack, following the favorable wind, making good progress towards the trades. With the current wind conditions we have a constant 7-12kts giving us an average speed of 6kts and the boat is behaving really well. Staying on this tack we’re holding out for the wind to pull us round towards a more westerly heading giving us a direct route to the finish line.

Tonight is Jacobs turn to cook and on the menu is fajitas!

Till tomorrow

Chris, Jacob, Joe and Robin


Our yellow fined friend, TinTin