23:39s 178:54w Anchored in the middle of the ocean

Conor & Marion Wall
Fri 4 May 2012 08:34
Toucan arrived in the Atoll of North Minerva today after a very hard few days with strong winds and heavy seas. There is nothing to photograph here as we are totally surrounded by a reef that is submerged at high tide and only just a few feet above the water at low tide. There are waves crashing all around us and mountainous seas beyond but we are in relatively calm water, no protection from the winds which are very strong. When we set off from New Zealand six days ago we had hoped for better weather but alas, just like our sail to NZ back in Oct last year this area is prone to big winds. We will leave North Minerva Reef tomorrow having had a good nights sleep and arrive in Fiji in three days time.