08:05S 130:14W 2500 gone 500 miles to go

Conor & Marion Wall
Tue 31 May 2011 05:05
Getting close now.
We think this one is a Marlin, we’re still alive after eating it and it tasted lovely.
Fishing has picked up since I set up an alarm to let me know when there is something on the line. It’s quite simple really if not ingenious. The fishing line is a hand line not rod, back out there in the water about 100 meters away is a little plastic squid coloured pink and white, to attract the ladies, working our way to the boat there is about 10 meters of fairly strong fishing line then 80 meters of what I call string (it is actually the string that is used in kite flying), not that I’ve ever done that. Now the most important bit another 10 or so meters of fairly heavy bungee (elastic) attached to my strongest cleat at the back of the boat, well you never know. The reason for the bungee is that when this very large fish takes the bait and then takes off at 100 miles per hour that when he gets to the end of the line he will not come to a sudden stop and break the line or his jaw but instead has an nice underwater bungee jump until he tires himself out. Oh and I forgot to tell you the bungee is held on by a clothes peg so that the pressure of catching a fish then releases that and triggers my very loud decibel personal alarm that Christopher gave to me. I think he was worried I might get mugged by a fish.
The jumbo flying fish, not recommended as good eating but interesting to try.
Two new species have arrived in the fridge as a result of the alarm, yesterday a fish with a sword fish like snout and tail but the fin on his back ran all the way to the tail and when opened out was as large in profile as the fish itself, we think it was a Marlin, awaiting confirmation as my extensive library of books on board does not show one to my amazement. The second species was tonight, a massive flying fish, never saw anything like it, as big as three decent sized mackerel together, more of the flying jumbo than a flying fish. By the way I have to clear the decks of flying fish most mornings but they are always tiny, maybe 6 inches long but this one is at least 18 inches and fat. I have also had to clear the decks of squid on a few occasions. God knows how they get there, on the backs of the flying fish maybe. Again only small things, about the same size as my lure. Is there such a thing a a flying squid? I once owed a chap six quid.
Some of the squid that I clear off the decks.
All well on board, will write some more soon.