19:00 N 28:00 W

Conor & Marion Wall
Sun 5 Dec 2010 08:28
Perhaps we are suffering from the same doubts as others.
It has been said of Columbus that he did not know where he was going, did not now where he had been, and did it all on borrowed money Perhaps a few others in the fleet may be able to identify with two out of three of those thoughts!
He, Columbus, managed to cross in 21 days on at least one of his passages- no GRIBS, no GPS, no water makers, and with crew who had been ‘pressed’.
It also seems that his route was to sail SW and once at 20 degrees North to then change to the course of his destination.
As this is being typed (Thursday the 2nd at 16.00 hrs) we are still going in a SW direction at 15 degrees North.
On Saturday the 27th we motored for some time during the day but by evening the wind changed to a force 5 SW and with very confused seas.
We then suffered an invasion of flying fish. Perhaps 8 or more found there way into the cockpit and one heroic individual actually left his mark on the boom cover. He must have been the ‘shuttle fish’ version! Anyway he did  not actually make it into the boom cover and must have suffered a ghastly end.
On Monday morning we had two tucks in the main and the genoa well reefed with the staysail performing well to give us stability.  A decision was made to change to Starboard tack on Sunday night but during the night we were crossed by a super yacht going South. Simon had difficulty in identifying him as he had two white lights and with navigation lights which were difficult to see. As he wasn’t sure we tacked and then called him up and he said he was going South to avoid the heavy weather.
This was  a turning point for us as we had been undecided whether to turn to the West at that stage. Thankfully we believe it was the right decision as the Trades seem to be blowing at 13 degrees and there was a big ‘hole’ in the winds to the West.
On Monday Conor and Henry had another swim off the back – water temperature was 26 degrees.
Sea life has not been so evident. 2 very tasty Mahi Mahi (Dorade) and one yellow fin tuna caught and consumed and helped to lift spirits.Simon’s lure purchased in Las Palmas seems to be the weapon of choice – or perhaps it is the way he prepares it.
Spirits incidentally employed to ‘stun’ the fish by pouring liberal glass of Scotch into the gills of the fish – although Conor was observed to be secretly imbibing such amounts as remained in the glass after each fish succumbed.
Shearwaters appeared today for first time and petrels seem to be around for most of the time.
Luminous green lights can be seen under the water occasionally at night and when strong light shined into the water – are they simply plankton like or are they squid or similar?
Marion gave us Beef for supper last night. I didn’t see Simon catch that one.
Henry celebrated his birthday in style on the good ship ‘Toucan’. Photos to follow. Marion managed to find flags, balloons, candles, party poppers, cake, the works.
Both Simon’s and Henry’s beards now looking the part. All that is missing now is the peg leg, hook and eye patch
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