21:00 N 21:00 W

Conor & Marion Wall
Sun 5 Dec 2010 08:22
You may be tracking us but if not we are now more than half way to the Cape Verdi Islands although we should not be going there. Hopefully we will pick up some trade winds soon and turn right. Last night and today we have a westerly wind which is not what we expected so we are beating to windward in light breeze and doing about 5 knots average.
Simon and Henry seem to be enjoying themselves, Simon in racing mode and Henry with not a worry in the world.
We have had very little activity in the water so far. About the most exciting thing that happened so far was finding a squid on the deck the morning before last. Marion was worried in case the rest of the family came looking from him (or her). Henry and I however took a swim yesterday in about 3 km of depth as we had a period of no or very little wind. Simon tried his hand at fishing yesterday with one of his new lures but I think he fell asleep on the job and no fish was caught. Perhaps just as well as our fridge is still well stocked.We heard on the radio that one of the boats had caught enough fish to feed the entire fleet.
Leaving Las Palmas we had NE’ly winds and were able to fly the big yellow Spinnaker for a time, we then changed to the Asymmetric for a few hours until dark when we sailed with the three white sails.
Next morning (Day 2) we put the big yellow up and flew it for most of the day. We noticed a small rip at the foot in the afternoon so took it down to repair and continued for a while with the Asymmetric. We do not fly the spinnakers at night as we feel it safer at this early stage to be cautious. Should a squall come in the night with short handed crew getting a big sail down would be a problem.
On Day 3 we were fighting with lack of wind and finally in the afternoon gave in to it and put the motor on for a few hours during Day 4.
Today day 5 and all last night we have had a light Westerly wind and have managed a reasonable speed and direction. Still looking fot the allusive trade winds to kick in so we can set a course for St Lucia.