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Conor & Marion Wall
Sat 21 Apr 2012 09:59
From: Conor Wall
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 12:36 PM
Subject: 35:47S 174:20E
We are nearly at the end of our time in New Zealand having arrived here on the 2nd November 2011. The plan now, once the weather improves, is to move back up to the Tropics and continue our journey westwards. First stop should be Fiji or Vanuatu both about a weeks sail from the Bay of Islands. We have really enjoyed NZ and although we had no desire to visit in the past we feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend such a long time here on our journey around the world.
Photos speak louder than words so here are a few from our collection.
m_shay camera (167)m_shay camera (172)
Believe it or not but this was once a ‘Kauri’ tree before someone carved a spiral staircase into it. Me at the bottom and Patricia coming out at the top.
Toucan’s time in New Zealand has been spent in the bay of Islands and later in the Town Basin, Whangarei (about 100 miles north of Auckland). Having purchased a car on arrival in NZ we have toured extensively both North and South islands firstly with Shay and Patricia (brother and sister in law) and then on our own for 6 weeks around the south Island.
90 Mile Beach at the top end of of the North Island, you can actually drive it for about 50 miles and the Coaches use it as a highway, tide permitting.
m_DSC04458 m_DSC04888m_DSC04892 m_DSC05063
The big tree is New Zealand’s largest ‘Kauri tree’ next photo is the Giant Redwoods, then the Silver Fern, common throughout NZ and one of their national emblems. The last photo is just a nice photo taken by Marion
m_DSC04472 m_DSCF0566m_DSCF0672 m_DSC04243
Some more vegetation, see the size of the person (me) in the first photo, and would you fancy living in one of those houses with the towering trees beside it. The ferns in NZ are just stunning, so many different varieties, this one was about 3 meters across, photo taken from a walkway high up the tree canopy. Final photo is known as the Christmas Tree as it flowers at that time of year with red flowers.
It’s hard to imagine the beauty of a country that you have not yet visited but having been to a few myself in my lifetime I have to say that the scenery, vegetation and the walks of New Zealand takes a lot to beat. The shear scale of the landscape with the forever changing topography and ever changing light as weather in these parts changes mighty quickly, is often breath-taking.
m_DSC04872 m_DSC04923
Hells Gate Geothermal Park in Rotorua. A fascinating town with amazing geology, hot springs, geysers,boiling mud, sulphur vents etc..
 m_DSC04560  m_DSC04617
Sunset and Sunrise
m_DSC05302  m_DSC05316
Pancake Rock formation on the West coast of the South island.
m_DSC05426  m_DSC05441
Foxes Glassier: One of the few places in the world where the glassier extends to almost sea level, remember it’s summertime here now. 
 m_DSC05692m_DSC05719 m_DSC05946 m_DSC06006
Some of our photos of Milford Sound, which is actually a Fjord not a Sound.
m_DSCF0378  m_DSCF0580
m_DSCF0522 m_DSCF0673
The longest wire bridge in NZ, not sheep, where lepraucans live and another fern photo.
More photos to follow:
At the time of writing this we are busy preparing TouCan for the next stage of out trip around the world. Antifouling, anodes, etc. etc. We expect to leave NZ around the end of April when the risk of a Cyclone is much reduced, and the onward route should take us to Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Australia and the Great Barrier reef to Darwin, then possibly Bali, Christmas Island, Coco Keeling, Rodrigues, Mauritius, La Reunion, Madagascar and South Africa.
As your sailing season is about to start in the UK, Marion and I would like to wish everyone in CSC good sailing and ‘may the wind always be at your back and the sun warm upon your face’.