Safiya arrives in the Marquesas

Harvey & Sue Death
Wed 3 May 2017 19:53
Yesterday morning at day break we finally reached land fall after 17 days at
We were the first to arrive of about 10 Oysters who all left on the same
We are anchored in a spectacularly beautiful bay on an island called Fatu
Hive which is the southernmost island in the Marquesas.
The landscape is very mountainous and covered in lush green vegetation, it
looks quite Jurassic. There is a tiny village here and yesterday for lunch
we joined up with some of the other cruisers to have an authentic Marquesan
feast in one of the locals homes. We had chicken and pork all cooked
underground in a pit in their garden.
Tomorrow we are sailing another 150 miles to Nuku Hiva which is a larger
island where we can clear customs and immigration and provision etc.
Apparently wifi there is very good so we'll be able to send some photos
through on the blog. At the moment we're having to use the satellite for all
communications and cannot send pictures.