Another day another dinner

Tony Porter
Sat 6 Jun 2009 11:19
Friday June 5th
Having had our first full nights sleep for 5 days we all felt a lot better in the morning. John cooked a fabulous full english and then the skipper announced that we now needed to clean, water and reprovision the boat.
Tony, John and Terry handled the outside whilst I cleaned inside, including the toilet (i know my place). The next nightmare was three men in a supermarket - i can honestly say that this was the most stressful part of the last week - however we were able to laugh at the situation and managed to come out with most of what we needed. One problem is that Spain doesnt seem to have fresh milk and im getting seriously worried about having to drink tea with UHT (yuck!!)
Int the evening we went to the first formal event of the rally - a Sangria party at the yacht club - very posh affair only marred by the presence of 4 unshaved sailors !! After that we went to dinner with about 40 other rally participants. It was a fabulous meal and we had great evening, the highlight being Terrys attempt to request no peas with his dinner. I wont replay it all - but at one point they almost had to get John and I on oxygen as we were laughing so much.    
Saturday 6th june
Terry has gone on a day trip (with the lads from Andiamo and a load of others) to Santiago de Compostela which is meant to be beautiful city.  Tony, John and I are having a quite day on the boat and as I type John and Tony are fitting a much needed grab rail in the saloon next to the instruments (purchased from thr local chandler along with a strong boat hook and a replacement hat for Tony (bets are being taken on how long it will stay onboard). Not sure what the plans are for tonight - we may well have a quite night and eat on the boat