A few words from John

Tony Porter
Sat 6 Jun 2009 09:04
A few words from John....
Thursday 4th June
Tony & Terry on watch from 06:00 - 09:00 saw a pod of dolphins creaming along the bowsand sides of Renegade. Later on Terry Terry heard a chirping and thought the GPS alarm had gone off, but it turned out to be a small bird in the cockpit under the spray hood. It eventually sat on Tonys shoulder and then his hat before flying off.The bird appreciated the ride and left Tony a present on his favourite hat. Soon after this Tonys best hat blew away amidst much swearing from Tony and laughter from Terry.
We arrived Bayona marina to a great welcome from the club staff and the other crews who had arrived earlier. We were all feeling a bit knackered so decided to have a beer or two which was a mistake as the skipper wanted the boat dressed overall. We eventully managed to string all the flags together and then discovered we had them upside down. Oh well - undo and start again (without another beer !)
Went for a meal in the evening and met crews of Andiamo (the Essex boys) and the crew from Ben More. All had a good time