42:07.33N 08:50.69W

Tony Porter
Thu 4 Jun 2009 15:22
Thursday 1st June
Engine on overnight but sailed from 04:00. Past the finish line in very light winds at 09:50 GMT.
Overall we have sailed 572 miles from Plymouth  to Baiona in 4 days and 1 hour. During that time
we had the engine on for 23 hours (126.5 miles)
We were 9th boat in - but hope to move a a place or two as we motored less than most and are 
smaller (better handicap)
Have met with some of the other boats and everyone feels a real sense of achievement.So now its
time for a few beers and a lot of sleep !!
PS - we have all decided not to  shave until Lagos (Terrys idea). Im not sure we will all make it to Lagos but so 
far so good (Terry looks like a hairy walnut and i look a bit dirty !!)
Attached is a pic of the four desperados at Baiona

JPEG image