The Renegade Logo

Tony Porter
Wed 7 Jan 2009 17:40
The Renegade Logo :

During the Hanse Rally someone, who shall be nameless, decided that it would be a good idea if the boat had its own logo. Somehow, I got the job of designing said logo, this after 'Captain Bligh's' assertion that I was the artistic one !!

First issue I had was ascertaining the format in which I could design and which could be read by the other members of the review committee ( aka the crew ). This was not made any easier by the fact that some of the nameless ones did not know what they had on their systems. However, the upside was that they all discovered software that they did not know they had and a new star was born to the firmament of Super Heroes, namely :- "Powerman"

Having thought of various concepts, renegade knights, cowboys, indians, wild horses etc but eventually Powerman decided that a little fat indian would be a great idea ( I seem to recall that there was suggestion that it might be a 'self portrait' but it would be too unkind to mention that.

I did eventually find a suitable image with which to start!!..however like all simple computer jobs I did not have any sophisticated artwork software on the system, consequently all colour changes, shaping etc. had to be done at 'pixel' level. For the benefit of Powerman et al, a pixel is a tiny square on the screen and the screen display is composed of millions of pixels. So I had to change each pixel, as appropriate by the end of the excerise I was a candidate for RSI !
Still the finished article has now been officially approved and launched onto the stern of Renegade. All that remains now is to see how the various shirts appear in due course.

Leonardo! .(alias Eric!)

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