Software/hardware and other frustrations

Tony Porter
Thu 11 Dec 2008 10:34
Finally we have managed to resolve our E-Mail through the satcom issues, the frustrations of Vista problem solving have driven us to distraction!!..Why is is the end user is always the Microsoft debugger (pun)!!..but with the patience and understanding of Ed from Mailasail our USB Port to Serial interface has now recognised the driver and has been fully tested; one more tick on the huge list of things to do for Rally Portugal.  Unfortunately after our 4 weeks ashore we have discovered a fine pattern of rust particles all over the deck!!...unfortunately generated from the Ferro boat that was undergoing major 'skin' removal and repair close to us.  The good news is the owner called me last night and promised to make good.......
Remainder of jobs on hold now as I write this at Heathrow heading back to Saudi.......still least it will be warmer and Renegade's budget definately needs topping up!  Roll on spring, retirement and our cruise preparation!